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September 1, 2012
This week at dancing

Madeline Lila Programming: The talented and inventive Madeline Brock will DJ a fun evening of dancing. She will be assisted by Lila Luce.
Genevieve Teaching: Puzzled by patterns? Feeling all thumbs? Join us this Saturday as Genevieve Kent walks through some popular dances featuring simple arm movements and teaches how to use step counting to break up complex timing/patterns. Genevieve will include three classics: Alunelul, Opsa, and Pajdusko. The mysteries will begin to unfold at 7:30!

dance circle Save the date for AIFD's annual Open House, this year featuring live music! Saturday, September 29th. More details starting next week.

7:30-10:45 pm,
$5 at the door 17 years or older (free if 16 or under)
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)

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Where we dance
Hancock Recreation Center AIFD is very lucky to meet at Hancock Recreation Center (HRC) every Saturday night. The center began as the first Austin Country Club in the late 1800s and is named after Lewis Hancock, one of the original country club founders. In 1946 the country club decided to move and sold the land to the city. In 1951, after the new country club was completed, the land was designated as park land for Austin citizens.

AIFD began using HRC on Saturday nights in 1968. With its nice wood floors and central location, Hancock is a great facility for AIFD, and group's relationship with the HRC is one that AIFD boards never take for granted. Every board president and treasurer keep in close contact HRC staff to ensure accounts are paid in full, and to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise. In addition, AIFD boards understand that, in as much as HRC is a place to folk dance on Saturday nights, AIFD is committed to making folk dancing a fun recreational activity for the community.
Other dance links and events
See our complete list
Pictures from AIFD's 50th Anniversary Celebration
Texas International Folk Dancers
Village International Dancing1st & 3rd Friday, HRC
Austin Scandinavian Dancing Each Wed and 2nd Fri, HRC
5th Friday Multicultural Dance August 31st at HRC.
Csardas Hungarian Dancers
Contradance and English Country Dancing (TAADA)
Austin Friends of Traditional Music

This week's "other dance" feature:
Multi Cultural night Come enjoy an evening of Scandi, Hungarian, and Swing dancing at the 5th Friday "Multi Culti" night, this coming Friday (August 31st), 7-9:45, at Hancock Recreation Center. For more information contact Lane at
Do you play folk dance music and are not on our list of Musicians/Musical groups, please send your information to
Labor Day tribute: Tip That Waitress
by Loudon Wainwright III
She's been on her feet nearly half the damn night
Bringing you beverage and your late night bite
She remains cheerful when you're nasty and tight
Makes change for a fifty in dim candlelight.
Ignoring your groping hoping you might
Come across with a tip and sympathize with her plight.
Tip that waitress.

She's getting her masters supporting her mom
Amidst the confusion she remains cool and calm
She knows exits in case of a fire or bomb
She knows all the words to the 23rd psalm
She handles her tray with panache and aplomb
Her brothers a Quaker, her dad was in Naa-aaa-aaa-aam
Tip that waitress.

... (hear the full song)

Link of the week: Gandy Dancers - song cadences of southern black railroad workers.
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