AIFD Newsletter
May 9th, 2015
*** A Special Announcement from the AIFD Board of Directors ***
AIFD will move to FRIDAY NIGHTS beginning on OCTOBER 2nd, 2015.
Details here.

"We believe this is a positive move, which lets us remain in a desirable location that has served us well over the years."
- AIFD Board of Directors.

This week at dancing
Dancing at Lila's house!!!
Lila LuceEnjoy a fun night of folk dancing at Lila's house!!!. Hancock Rec Center will be closed both on May 9th and 16th while the floor is redone. Lila has graciously volunteered her house for our dancing pleasure. Lila will have drinks and wine available. If you are so inspired, please bring food to share. A tip jar will be available to collect money for future AIFD live music events.
Do you need Lila's home address? Please email her at

Saturday, May 9th
7:30-10:45 pm
Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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AIFD Board of Directors:
Thanks to the outgoing Board.
Welcome to the new 2015-16 Board.
Madeline Iola Hallock President:
Incoming: Madeline Brock.
Outgoing: Iola Hallock.
David Liang Brenda Benton Vice President:
Incoming: David Liang.
Outgoing: Brenda Benton.
Mike Revesz and Kathleen McDonagh Franklin Houston Program Director:
Incoming: Kathleen McDonagh and Mike Revesz.
Outgoing: Franklin Houston.
John Scales RosieLee Salinas Secretary:
Incoming: John Scales.
Outgoing: RosieLee Salinas.

MisiTeaching Director:
Misi Tsurikov will continue.
Michel Breger will continue.
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eyes AIFD upcoming events
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Saturday, May 16th 10am-noon: Folk Dance Flash Mob!!!
La StradaJoin your fellow folk dancers at the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market for an impromptu folk dance event to the music of La Strada.

Saturday, May 16th: Back at Lila's house.
Hancock Rec Center will still be closed for maintenance. So we'll be back at Lila's.

Saturday, May 30th 10am-noon: Folk Dance Flash Mob!!!
Join your fellow folk dancers for another folk dance flash mob to the tunes of La Strada, this time at the Downtown Farmers' Market.

Saturday, May 30th: Danube River Cruise Party!!!
(Details forthcoming...)

Link of the week: A little snippet of some great Zydeco dancing at last Saturday's Swamp Thing in Austin - recorded by your humble AIFD newsletter editor.
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