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AIFD Newsletter
June 2, 2023

Friday, 7-9:45
Hancock Rec Center
811 E. 41st Street
$5 (18+)

Madeline Brock
Hello everyone!

As summer begins, AIFD is beginning a new class. We’re calling it New, Do, and Review, and it will be held during the first ½ hour of dancing. Based on the survey we took last spring, we’re hoping this class will address the suggestions we received. This class is designed for all dancers, and will include basic dances and steps, some new dances, reviews of dances, styling, and information about the dances we do—where they’re from, words to the songs, and other interesting information.

The class will start on June 2, at 7 pm. and will be taught by Misi Tsurikov, Rebecca Hample, and Madeline Brock (that’s me!). All dancers are welcome, and we encourage you to bring anyone who might be interested in learning.

In addition to this class, we will be offering offsite training for DJs and assistants. We'll do it at a private residence at a convenient day and time -- not during our regular dance evening.

This class will be held for only 2-3 people at a time, and will include:

  • How to use the Winamp program on the computer
  • Keeping track of the dances and those who can lead dances
  • How to put together a night of dancing
  • How to plan a program that is interesting and fun for everyone
Please contact me at president@aifd.cc for more information.

See you at folk dancing!

Madeline Brock, AIFD President

Franklin HoustonFranklin Houston will be our DJ this week. He will be assisted by Anne Alexander. Come join them for some of your old favorites as well as some surprises!

Upcoming Live Music: On June 16, Homegrown will be providing live music for the evening.
Link of the week:
USA's folk dance: Hoedown .

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