AIFD Newsletter
June 23, 2012
This week at dancing
Madeline Iola Come enjoy a fun evening of request dancing programmed by Madeline, who will be assisted by our president, Iola.

Right arrow Genevieve will conduct some fun walkthroughs and teaching.

7:30-10:45 pm,
$5 at the door 17 years or older (free if 16 or under)
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)
Be the Tipping Point

Call or email a folk dance friend
who hasn't been to dancing in a while.

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This week's teaching
Genevieve "By request, I am teaching Robin Ddiog and Floricica Olteneasca at 7:30pm! The first is a beginner's level Welsh circle dance, and the latter is an advanced level line dance from Romania. One of my favorites! Here's a sneak preview by my friends who run (great source for folk music, lyrics, dance videos, and more)" - Genevieve
Interested in performing?
DAC performance, July 26th
Other dance links and events
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Pictures from AIFD's 50th Anniversary Celebration
Texas International Folk Dancers
Village International Dancing1st & 3rd Friday, HRC
Austin Scandinavian Dancing Each Wed and 2nd Fri, HRC
5th Friday Multicultural Dance at HRC. Next event: Friday, June 29.
Csardas Hungarian Dancers
Contradance and English Country Dancing
Austin Friends of Traditional Music

This week's "other dance" feature:

Scandi dancing
Austin Scandinavian Dancing
Austin Scandinavian Dancing occurs every Wednesday and every second Friday of the month at HRC. Come enjoy a friendly learning environment for this fun form of couples dancing. Full details and schedule is on their website
A Very Special Thanks
to Jane Steig Parsons
The organizers of AIFD's recent 50th Anniversary Celebration would like to thank Jane Steig Parsons for the great collection of pictures she took at the event and donated for the group to enjoy. You can find her pictures, as well as those from Misi Tsurikov and Peggy Wingate-Ramage at

Go Fatile Kleti Turci Edno Mome
(Song used for Go Fatile Mome)

Go fatile kleti Turci,
Edno mome najubavo,
Go fatile kleti Turci,kleti Turci
Najubavo vo seloto.

Mu vrzale dvete race,
Dvete race naopaku,
Mu vrzale dvete race,dvete race
Dvete race nopaku.
Ka`i,ka`i li~no mome
Kaj se krie Goce Delčev?
Ka`i,ka`i ,li~no mome,maloj mome,
Kaj se krie Goce Delčev?

I da umram kleti Turci,
Jas za Goce ne ka`uvam!
I da umram kleti Turci,kleti Turci,
Jas za Goce ne ka`uvam.

Link of the week
2011 Juneteenth Celebration Dance Concert
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