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AIFD Newsletter
June 16, 2023

Friday, 7-9:45
Hancock Rec Center
811 E. 41st Street
$5 (18+)

Homegrown International

Madeline BrockJeff Kessel Enjoy a fun evening of folk dancing DJ's by Madeline Brock. Madeline will be assisted by Jeff Kessel.

Homegrown International BandMarc AirhartSome of our dance tunes will be provided by Homegrown International. Homegrown International will also provide the music for this week's contra, which will be called by Marc Airhart.

Teaching: This week we will continue our New, Do and Review sessionRebecca Hample with more dancing fundamentals. We encourage dancers of all experience levels to join in the fun. You might learn something new, it’s always good to review the basics, and we will enjoy doing the dances together. We will also review some of the dances that will be performed by Homegrown International. - Rebecca Hample
Link of the week:
'T Smidje
Whetting your dance appetite: this delightful Belgian mixer was introduced by Campbell Miller at Texas Camp 2015. It will be taught again soon at AIFD.

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Four Balkan Dancers

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