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January 26, 2013
This week at dancing

BillProgramming: Enjoy a grand evening of dancing DJ'd by Bill Ogilvie. Bill promises everyone a great time and guarantees that he will play at least the first 20 dances added to the request list. He hopes there will be enough people to play some classic mixers, such as Arnold's Circle. Oh, yeah, and he will definitely lead Rencber later in the evening.

Bob_Leibman Teaching: Come learn some great dances by our local internationally renowned Bob Leibman. Bob has traveled and studied throughout Eastern Europe since the 1960s and his contribution to folk dancing cannot be overstated. Bob will introduce 2 dances from Aegean Macedonia: Raiko and Sofka.
Here are some teasers:
Raiko: video 1 video 2
Sofka: video 1 video 2
Mike Revesz will kick things off at 7:30 with the newcomers class.

Saturday, January 26
7:30-10:45 pm
$5 at the door 17 & older. 16 & under free.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)

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Saturday, March 9 - Time Warp Party!!
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Friday - Sunday, March 15-17 - SAFDF.
San Antonio Folk Dance FestivalSan Antonio Folk Dance Festival (SAFDF). Romanian, Mexican, and English Country dances will be featured at this year's San Antonio Folk Dance Festival. To learn more and register for this event, check out . In support of SAFDF, AIFD will not meet at Hancock Rec Center on Saturday, March 16th.

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This week's "other dance" feature:

Were's WALTZO opening night, Monday, January 28th, at Abel's on the lake. Join Cambbell Miller, UT's social dance instructor (and all around incredible dancer), for an evening of waltz dance instruction and open dancing. The event kicks off with a happy hour at 6, then cross step waltz instruction from 7-8, then open dancing of all sorts from 8 - 11. $5 for the lesson and $5 to dance. Check out the Austin Social Dance page for full details.

If you play folk dance music and are not on our list of Musicians/Musical groups, please send your information to
(When I heard Bob Leibman was teaching Macedonian dances this Saturday, this song immediately popped into my mind - Bill Ogilvie)

Битола, мој роден крај,
Во тебе сум роден, за мене си рај.
Битола, мој роден крај,
Јас те сакам, од срце, знај.
Битола, мој роден крај,
За тебе пеам, од срце, знај

Многу градови, села пројдов,
Како тебе мил за мене нигде не најдов.
Битола, мој роден крај,
Јас те сакам, од срце, знај.
Битола, мој роден крај,
За тебе пеам, од срце, знај.

Еј, роден крај, кој бе можел
Збогум да ти речи, да не заплачи.
Битола, мој роден крај,
Јас те сакам, од срце, знај.
Битола, мој роден крај,
За тебе пеам, од срце, знај.
Bitola, my hometown,
I was born in you, for me you are heaven.
Bitola, my hometown,
Know that I sing about you, from the heart.

I have been to many cities, many villages,
Dear to me, like you, nowhere did I find.
Bitola, my hometown,
Know that, I love you, from the heart.
Know that, I sing about you, from the heart.

Hey, hometown, who could
Tell you good riddance, and not start to cry?
Bitola, my hometown,
Know that I love you, from the heart.
Know that I sing about you, from the heart.

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