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January 19, 2013
This week at dancing

Family Fun Night!!!
Do you have family members in town? Is there anyone in your life who you thought would get a kick out of folk dancing but were afraid to invite them? Do you know families with kids who are looking for a fun and inexpensive activity?

Kathleen McDonagh Invite them this week to AIFD's Family Fun Night! Kathleen McDonagh will walk through a great set of accessible dances that can provide an introduction to dancing for both kids and adults, while making the evening fun for everyone - whether experienced or newcomer.

Vlad Michel Continuing the fun will be Vlad Codrea as the programmer, assisted by Michel Breger.

Saturday, January 19
7:30-10:45 pm
$5 at the door 17 & older. 16 & under free.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)

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Be the Tipping Point

Four words: Folk dance flash mob.
(And here is a great flash mob from Ruse, Bulgaria.
- Thanks to Holly Plotner for finding this).

Read more on how to "Be the Tipping Point"

eyes Keep your eyes peeled for
these upcoming events

Saturday, February 16 - Valentines Party!!

Saturday, March 9 - Time Warp Party!!
Celebrate Daylight Savings.

Friday - Sunday, March 15-17 - SAFDF.
San Antonio Folk Dance FestivalSan Antonio Folk Dance Festival (SAFDF). Romanian, Mexican, and English Country dances will be featured at this year's San Antonio Folk Dance Festival. To learn more and register for this event, check out . In support of SAFDF, AIFD will not meet at Hancock Rec Center on Saturday, March 16th.

Complete list of upcoming events.

Also, check out the Programmer / Assistant schedule.
(Interested in programming / assisting? Please email
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Village International Dancing1st & 3rd Friday, HRC
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Multicultural Dance Next event, Monday, Jan 14, 2013
Csardas Hungarian Dancers
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This week's "other dance" feature:

Are you on Facebook? Have you joined the "Austin International Folk Dancers" group? If you haven't, we encourage you to join. If you have, we encourage you to post relevant stuff you think other folk dancers may enjoy.

For those concerned about the recent "spam" - unwanted postings by people trying to sell stuff - rest assured. AIFD has designated a couple of owners who will delete these postings and bar the offenders. This way we can use Facebook for the benefit of the group without unnecessary annoyances.

If you play folk dance music and are not on our list of Musicians/Musical groups, please send your information to
(MLK day is January 21)
Marking Martin's Day
By Nordette N. Adams

Some mark this day with service.
Some mark this day to shop.
Some mark this day to tell us
the struggle never stops.
Some grimace, grumbling still
that we mark this day at all,
but Martin's shout for justice
helped us answer freedom's call.
He moved America
to strive for its ideals
to uphold its Declaration
and recall its founding zeal to build
a glorious nation
that stands for liberty.
King pricked the people's
conscience to seek equality.

dance circle
Link of the week:
And here is another flash mob dance from Ruse, Bulgaria:
(Thanks again to Holly Plotner for finding this).
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