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August 31, 2018
This Friday at dancing:
Sharon DJs, Jasmine assists.
Sharon CasteelJasmine Guha-Castle Enjoy a lively evening of folk dancing DJ'd by Sharon Casteel. Sharon will be assisted by Jasmine Guha-Castle.

Franklin HoustonTeaching: Franklin Houston will continue his teaching of Sardana, the national dance of Catalonia, and follow that with Juta, a Vlach dance from eastern Serbia near the border with Bulgaria and Romania. By popular request, Franklin will have three slowed-down versions of Juta for teaching purposes so that everyone will have a speed that works for them! Also, information on the dance steps, styling, and culture for these two dances (and many others) are available at this AIFD link. (For more details about this teaching, check out "Links of the week" below.)

Friday, August 31, 7-9:45 pm.
Admission fee is $5 for those 18 and older.

There is no fee for those under 18,
but they must be supervised by a designated person 18 or older.
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)
AIFD is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including the promotion and teaching of traditional folk dance, music and crafts native to a variety of countries.

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Back to school Friday, September 7:
End of Summer / Back to School Party / Children's Night!!

Whichever one you are celebrating (or maybe you are not), come to folk dancing! Some of our friends will be coming back from a summer away. Also, we encourage parents and grandparents to bring their children and grandchildren -- the youngsters will have more fun if there are more dancers their age. This children's night is an event we want to promote several times a year.

Cake Friday, September 14:
September Birthdays and Anniversaries!!

Do you or a fellow dancer have a birthday or anniversary in September? Come to folk dancing to celebrate with song, dance, and cake!

Dances taught last week:

dance circle
Links of the week:
From Franklin Houston (related to this week's teaching): this first link is of people in Barcelona doing Sardana. It appears to be the most traditional of the videos on YouTube that I looked at. This second link is of Vlach people doing Juta. Some of the steps they do are different from what dancers in the U.S. have learned, but the styling is, of course, right on. The steps that I will teach are shown in this third link. The fourth step is a little different from what I teach because it has various ways of being done, as annotated by the person who researched the dance in Serbia.

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Texas International Folk Dancers
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AIFD German Dancers
Austin Scandinavian Dance and Music Jam
2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:45 pm, Free:
Check the Scandi website for schedule details.
3rd Wednesday Balkan Dance
Not meeting in July and August. Will resume in September.
Join 3rd Wednesday Balkan dancing, 7:15-8:45, NW Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive. No Charge. This year, more teaching of old favorites. Show me the Balkan countries.
Csardas Hungarian Dancers
Mondays, 7-9:45, HRC, backroom, free.
No partner necessary, we rotate often.
Austin Barn Dancers
Wednesdays, 7:30-10pm, Hancock Rec Center.
Enjoy this American dance form. All dances taught and called. Music provided by LOCO (Local On-Call Orchestra) - an open band, where anyone is welcome to come and play. Contact Dale Rempert at or visit for more information.
English Country Dance
2nd & 4th Saturdays, 7:30-9:30
McPhail Dance Studio, 8018 Mesa Drive.
If you are new to ECD or want to review the basics, please arrive before 7:15 to participate in our newcomers’ session. We are also on Facebook
Texas Folklife
Clickety Cloggers - Austin
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A list of non-AIFD events you may be interested in:

November 2-4: OKCIFD Old Country Weekend!!
OKCIFDThis year, the OKCIFD Old Country Weekend is being held on Nov 2-4 at Cross Point Camp on Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. We are featuring Yves Moreau, a fabulous dance instructor from Montreal who is a world renowned expert on Bulgarian and Balkan folk dances. We will also have the pleasure of having Don Weeda and Anne AlexanderRegistration.

November 22-25: Texas Camp 2018!!
Registration now open for Texas Camp, 2018.
Texas Camp 2018


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