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AIFD Newsletter
April 14, 2023

Friday, 7-9:45
This week we meet at:
Go Dance studio
Gallery room
2525 W Anderson Ln #530

Go Dance This week, April 14, HRC is closed for maintenance. So instead will meet at the Go Dance studio, 2525 W Anderson Ln #530, Gallery room, in Northcross Mall. The entrance is on the west side, next to Guitar Center.

Studio Use Policy:
● Any furniture that is moved must be returned to the original location at the end of the rental time. Client is responsible for the cost of replacing any equipment damaged at their event.
● Food and drinks are not allowed on the wood dance floors.
● Tap shoes (or anything else that could damage the wood floors) are not allowed.
Link of the week:
Collegiate Shag Wedding Dance.

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