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September 29, 2012
This week at dancing
Free, Live Music OPEN HOUSE!!!


Sharon Vlad
Join us this week for a free, live music Open House. They'll be live music from 3 great bands, as well as fun music between sets programmed by Sharon Casteel and Vlad Codrea, with several others available to conduct walk throughs so everyone can enjoy all the music. If you are so inspired, please bring something for the snack table.

7:30-10:45 pm,
Open House - FREE
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)

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Genevieve About the open house: AIFD would like to thank Genevieve Kent for making the open house possible. Through Genevieve's efforts, the live music portion of the open house has been funded by a grant from the Texas LIve Music Grant progam. This program was adopted by the state of Texas as a means to distribute funds from a large, multi state legal settlement against CD manufactures in the 1990s for price fixing. Additional funding has been provided by Fiddler's Green, Sandro Cocco Violin Studio, and Hyde Park Bar and Grill.

About the bands: Live music at the open house will be provided by 3 terrific bands:AIO - Annoying Instruments Orchestra, playing pleasant and fun dance music with instruments considered "annoying" by some; Kolorash, a folk dance band specializing in folk music of Eastern and Northern Europe; and Slavadillo, playing great music from Eastern Europe for over 25 years.
For more information about these great music groups, check out AIFD's links page.

More upcoming events ...
October 6th: Come cheer on fellow dancers at the Oktoberfest ..
November 3rd: Kabile ..
November 22-25: Texas Thanksgiving Camp ..
For complete details check out AIFD's event page
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This week's "other dance" feature:
Fire Ant Frolic
Contra Dance Weekend

The 16th annual Fire Ant Frolic Contra Dance Weekend will Fire Ant Frolic be on October 26-28. This year's bands will include Wild Asparagus and Lost and Nameless Orchestra. The featured caller will be George Marshall. Early registration closes on October 1st. For full details and other great information, check out their website.

If you play folk dance music and are not on our list of Musicians/Musical groups, please send your information to
AN IROQUOIS DANCE - Colonial Dance Institute

(The Colonial Dance Institute is a great resource for seeing history through dance and music. The snippet below is from a journel kept by George Washington during a surveying trip in 1748)

"As the rain that had plagued the expedition continued to pour, they tarried at Cresap’s fireside and on the 23rd they “were agreeably Surpris’d at ye. sight of thirty odd [Iroquois] Indians coming from War with only one Scalp We had some Liquer with us of which we gave them Part it elevating there Spirits put them in ye. Humeur of Dauncing of whom we had a War Daunce there manner of Dauncing is as follows Viz They clear a Large Circle & make a Great Fire in ye. middle then seats themselves around it ye. Speaker makes a grand [illegible] Speech telling them in what Manner they are to Daunce after he has finish’d y. best Dauncer Jumps up as one awakened out of a Sleep & Runs & Jumps about ye. Ring in a most comicle Manner he is followed by ye. Rest then begins there Musicians to Play ye Musick is a Pot half [full] of Water with a Deerskin Streched over it as tight as it can & a goard with some shott in it to Rattle & a Piece of an horses Tail tied to it to make it look fine y. one keeps Rattling and ye. other Drumming all ye. while y. others is Dancing” (Myers 62-63 and facsimile).

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