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June 23, 2017
This Friday at dancing:
Holly DJs, Jeff assists.
Holly PlotnerJeff KesselEnjoy a lively evening of folk dancing DJ'd by Holly Plotner. Holly will be assisted by Jeff Kessel.
Lisa Horn DielmanTeaching: Come to dancing at 7 to enjoy teaching by Lisa Horn Deilman. Lisa will review the couple dances Gypsy Wine and Aino Kchume. These two dances were taught earlier this spring, but need more review.

Friday, June 23, 7-9:45 pm.
The admission fee is $5 for those 18 and older.

There is no fee for those under 18,
but they must be supervised by a designated person 18 or older.
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)

AIFD is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including the promotion and teaching of traditional folk dance, music and crafts native to a variety of countries.

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Fireworks drawing July 7: America's Birthday Party!!!
Join us for another annual celebration of the founding of this experiment in liberty we call America. More details to come.

Cake July 14: July Birthday and Anniversaries!!!
Do you have a birthday or anniversary in July, or know a fellow folk dancer who does? Come to folk dancing to celebrate with song, dance, and cake!

From your AIFD Teaching Director:
Sharon CasteelIs there a dance you especially want to learn, or that you can't quite get by following behind the line? Send your teaching requests to Sharon at; she'll see what can go on the teaching schedule for summer and fall. - Sharon Casteel
Link of the week:
Hungarian gypsy dance a little differently.

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1st Wed: Singing at Stephanie’s house;
2nd Wed: Music Jam, HRC;
4th Wed: Music jam or dance review, HRC;
Last/5th Wed: Dance - often with live music, HRC;
No partners necessary for dance.
3rd Wednesday Balkan Dance
We will not be meeting during the summer. We will resume in the fall. Keep an eye out.
Csardas Hungarian Dancers
Mondays, 7-9:45, HRC, backroom, free.
No partner necessary, we rotate often.
English Country Dance
2nd & 4th Saturdays, 7:30-10:15
McPhail Dance Studio, 8018 Mesa Drive.
If you are new to ECD or want to review the basics, please arrive before 7:15 to participate in our newcomers’ session. We are also on Facebook
Texas Folklife
Texas International Folk Dancers
Clickety Cloggers - Austin
Işte Hendek, Işte Deve
Here is a ditch, here is a camel

Phantom Ranch. Bariş is the author of this song.
Kuyu başına vardım,
Zeynebim bekler diye.
Nasıl haberin almışa,
Dayı emmi hep orda,
Dediler ne ararsın?
Kızı almak m'istersin?
Sana bir çift sözümüz var,
Hele buysa niyetin.

İşte hendek, işte deve,
Ya atlarsın ya düşersin,
Baktın olmaz vazgeçersin,
Zordur almak bizden kızı.
I işte Halep, işte arşın,
Ya aşarsın ya biçersin,
Baktın olmaz vazgeçersin,
Zordur almak bizden kızı.

Söğüdün dalı uzun,
Barış'ın gönlü hüzün,
Elim eline değmedi,
Varın anlayın gayri.
I came to the well,
Thinking my Zeyneb would be waiting.
Somehow her uncles found out
And they were already there.
They said "What are you looking for?
Do you want to marry the girl?
We have a few words to say to you
If this is indeed your plan."

"Here is a ditch, here is a camel.
Either leap over (on camelback) or fall in.
If you think you can't, then give up.
It's hard to get our daughter from us!
Here's Aleppo (a distant city),
Here’s the yardstick.
Either you get there or you try to measure up.
If you think you can't, then give up!

"It's hard to get our daughter from us!"
The branch of the willow is long.
The heart of Barış is sad.
I never even touched her hand with mine.
I'll let you figure out the rest.
Four Balkan Dancers
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