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August 18, 2012
This week at dancing

Franklin Michel
Programming: Franklin Houston, assisted by Michel Breger, will program a fun and energetic evening of dancing.

Kathleen McDonagh Teaching: A, B, C., it's easy as 1, 2, 3. . . No need for a number 2 pencil as we folk dance our way through the alphabet with Kathleen McDonagh. The school bell rings at 7:30, so don't be tardy!

Also: Z is for "Zizaj Nane!": Don't miss Franklin's review of popular Bulgarian dance Daichovo Horo. In addition to reviewing the steps, Franklin will also teach the calls and responses. Check out his great list below for all the calls and responses (they're also posted on the AIFD website) and come prepared to enjoy this terrific dance.

7:30-10:45 pm,
$5 at the door 17 years or older (free if 16 or under)
Hancock Rec Center (HRC)

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Learn five calls to Daichovo Horo

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Link of the week
Bristol Morris Dancers. These folks performed at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics (wish I could have found a good video of that!!)
Daichovo calls
(complete dance notes)
First half of the dance:
Step description Leader Leader (line response)
Stamps (“knock”) Čukni, nane s desna noga (čukam, čukam)
Foot in front of knee (“rotate”) Pred koljano s desna noga (vărtam, vărtam)
Foot behind knee (“rotate”) Zad koljano s desna noga (vărtam, vărtam)
Triangle pattern (“sway”) Ljuljaj, nane s desna noga (ljuljam, ljuljam)
Scissors-stamp (“jump”) Skočni tropni s desna noga (skočam, skočam)
Toe-heel (“zigzag”) Zizaj, nane s desna noga (zizam, zizam)
Step-close forward (“forward”) Chetiri napred s desna noga (napred, napred)
Brush-stamp (“kick”) Ritni, nane s desna noga (ritam, ritam)
Traveling (“run”) Begaj, nane s desna noga (begam, begam)
Crossing in front (“cut”) Seči, nane s desna noga (sečam, sečam)
Grapevine crossing (“cross”) Krăsti, nane s desna noga (krăstam, krăstam)
Reel to the back (“back”) Dva păt nazad s desna noga (nazad, nazad)
Lift-slap (“slap”) Pljaskni, nane s desna noga (pljaskam, pljaskam)
In front/behind knee (“around”) Krăž koljano s desna noga (krăžam, krăžam)
Reel-slap (“strike”) Udarni, nane s desna noga (udarim, udarim)
Syncopated stamps (“knock”) Ludi čukni s desna noga (čukam, čukam)
Criss-cross prancing (“cross”) Krăstni na prat s desna noga (krăstam, krăstam)
Second half of every call is as follows:
Leader Leader (line response)
a taka de hajde, nanče (a sega de)
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